Robert F.

“I was in a great deal of pain since August. Months went by and I wasn’t getting any better, I couldn’t stand up straight and had to sit down every few feet when walking. If I sat for a long time the pain was even worse! I did not know what to expect, but Dr. Zuniga’s program looked promising and he was confident and experienced. As it turned out, my pain has gone away. The staff is so competent and friendly that I looked forward to each session and I am actually sorry that I won’t be seeing them any more. But I definitely don’t want the pain to come back. Before coming to Fyzical I could barely walk to the bus stop with a lot of rest stops and time spent. Now I am able to work free of pain and I am planning a golf game with my son this week. I would not have attempted this, even with a cart, before my therapy here! I am very thankful that I saw Dr’s Zuniga’s clip on the internet and I am thankful for the wonderful staff that saved me from this world of pain.”

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