Gabriel A.

“My name is Gabriel Aguilar and I am a professional baseball player. I have been playing competitive baseball for 20 years. Injuries are an unfortunate experience that many athletes go through while playing competitive sports. I have had many major injuries and my latest was a sprained elbow joint in October 2013. I went to see my doctor and luckily he recommended rehab at HealthMasters Hand & Physical Therapy Centers.

My experience at this center has not only been enjoyable and very effective. HealthMasters re-affirmed my physical and mental strengths and abilities. The personnel at HealthMasters are not only very knowledgeable, but are also very motivating, inspirational, and sincere. They push you through pain tolerances in order to achieve progress, yet not risking any further injury. People like Louis Zuniga, the other certified physical therapists Jennifer and Jarrod, as well as the PT assistants have helped me regain my strength and renewed my confidence going into my 2nd year in professional baseball.

The equipment that is available at the rehab center is state of art but also on the cutting edge of sports medicine. In addition the workouts and therapeutic exercises are trend-setting for many athletes or people of different ability levels. Louis Zuniga is well versed in all aspects of the body and is able to break a patient’s body movements down to discover the specific cause of any injury to build a foundation and move forward from there. He has put me through some of the best core, shoulder, and full body workouts to date.

I am very fortunate to have done my rehab at the HealthMasters Hand & Physical Therapy Centers. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Louis Zuniga and all the employees there at HealthMasters. I would recommend HealthMasters to anyone needing any help through physical therapy.”

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