Feb 17, 2020

Caffeine is the most used of any drug in the United States. It can be found everywhere in many forms (typically in drinks) and from different sources (tea, guarana, coffee, pills, etc). Caffeine is a potent stimulant and fat burner when used over a short period of time (2 weeks or less). It also works well with aspirin and acetaminophen to combat headaches and migraines. It can improve physical performance in both endurance and strength events. Sounds good right? It is, but it only works for so long. Some of the effects of caffeine are decreased as tolerance increases, hence the 2 week period of time. Fat burning happen

s to be one of them. The funny thing about caffeine tolerance is that even increasing the dosage will not overcome the decreased effects. You would need to cycle off of it for a while and then get back on it. For those that can’t get through the day without their coffee/tea/soda, your tolerance is already high and the withdrawals may not be worth going through for the short term fat burning and physical performance benefits. It is often found in preworkout supplements together with creatine. Just remember tolerance. If you like your coffee and caffeinated soda then the preworkout with caffeine is probably going to be a waste.

Caffeine toxicity does occur and can be lethal, but you would be looking at upwards of 5 grams being ingested (we’re talking just caffeine with no other interacting substances or stimulants). That is upwards of 12 cans of Monster. That is a lot of caffeine, but effects kick in as low as 180 milligrams (typical cup of coffee). Metabolism changes occur around 250milligrams for an adult. At around 300 milligrams caffeine intoxication occurs – symptoms include jitteriness and frequent urination. Contrary to popular belief it is not a diuretic, but rather signals the body to empty the bladder and bowels. It can be affected by and can interfere with a number of medications. It should not be used if you have high blood pressure, on beta-blockers or on “Meth” (actually nobody should be on Meth). The biggest concern is when it is used in combination with other substances and stimulants.


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- Tami Barnwell